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Fuel Monitoring

DBMatic FMS is a specialized software solution tailored for maritime fuel management. This system helps ships efficiently monitor and control fuel consumption, optimize engine performance, and reduce operational costs.

With real-time data, quality monitoring, and analysis capabilities, DBMatic FMS empowers ship operators to make informed decisions and ensure efficient fuel management, making it an invaluable tool for the maritime industry.

FMS Unit

The FMS unit is the link to connect fuel meters to a DBMatic Concentrator.

All measured fuel volumes are calculated back to 15° C


  • 8 puls inputs with pull up resistor
  • 4 PT100 inputs for temperature
  • 10/100Mbps ethernet port for Modbus TCP
  • RS232 connection for local screen
  • 24V DC

Live View Touch Panel

Available in:

  • 4,3”
  • 5,0”
  • 7,0”