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Concentrator Pro

The Concentrator is a powerful Linux-based connectivity platform designed to collect data from standalone onboard equipment.

The Concentrator uses the DBMatic software to process incoming data from various sensors and systems on the ship. Using the BlueCherry IoT platform, which contains no data, the data streams are compressed and buffered and sent to the DBMatic platform in the Cloud.

  • Dual network port
  • Built-in Wi-Fi b/g/n access point
  • On board micro-SB card slot for data storage
  • Single channel LoRa receiver
  • 6 galvanically isolated RS232/RS485/RS422 ports
  • 2 galvanically isolated RS485 ports (Modbus)
  • 2x CAN bus receivers

LoRa Sensors

  • Own design (IP67)
  • Version with 3 lithium batteries
  • Transmit power +13dBm
  • Indoor range up to 100+ meters
  • Mounting by screws or built-in magnets


DBMatic LoRa sensors are available as

  • Temperature sensor
  • Voltage (DC) sensor
  • Electrical Current (Ampere) sensor
  • CO2 sensor